How to Keep Pests Out of Your Storage Unit

Renting out a storage unit is a great option for people who have more stuff than space. By moving items like furniture, winter clothes, and camping and sports equipment into a storage facility, you can keep your things out of sight while not in use and free up space in your home or business.

However, storage units can be susceptible to pest infestations, and such issues may not be identified right away if the space is neglected. It is important to take proper care of your storage unit, and your stored items, to ensure your stuff is not damaged by bugs, mice, or other pests.

Store Your Items with a Company that has Pest Management Measures in Place

One of the best ways to keep your storage unit pest free can be done before you even move your stuff in. By choosing a storage facility that has methods for managing pests in their customers’ storage units, you can rest in the knowledge that your stuff is being kept safe while you’re not there. You should also consider finding a storage company with pest damage protection insurance.

Frequently Clean and Manage Your Storage Unit

Keeping your storage unit clean and dry will help to prevent pest infestations. Although you may have initially got your storage unit to keep items out of sight, it is a good idea to regularly visit the space and clean up. Periodic visits will also allow you to identify any pest problems before they become unmanageable.

When you leave your storage unit, make sure the door is completely shut. You should also keep an eye out for any holes, cracks, or gaps where pests could enter, and be sure to report such issues to the storage facility management.

Pack Your Items Properly

While you may not be able to completely keep pests away from your unit, you can make sure they do not damage your items by carefully packing and storing your stuff. Everything should be stored in airtight containers that will keep your items cool, dry, and protected from the elements. Furniture should be covered. It may be helpful to elevate your things, either with pallets or shelves. Packing your items with pest management items such as cedar blocks, certain essential oils, and moisture absorbers can keep animals and bugs away too.

What you store in your unit can lead to pest infestations as well — you should never store food or other items that may attract bugs and rodents to your space.

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